Music is an art in most cases, which allows expressing so many ways of thinking and feeling; it is an element that unites or identifies many people, places, regions, countries and keeps those who listen to it in the same “note”, that is, there is a greater affinity between people who like the same musical genre.

Since ancient times we have heard melodies in different types and kinds of natural or elaborated instruments; instrumental music like the classical one that helps control emotions, then already sung opera type, and many people have witnessed the evolution it has had over several decades. Evolution that has not all pleased, because many songs today, have a letter so absurd and vulgar; so many have come to select those with the most enjoyed, which is not always according to their age but more focused on their breadth of criteria; because for everything there are tastes.

Music not only makes the spirit happy, it has also been a great ally to use it in many ways, for example, to relax, it is better to listen to soft, instrumental music, it has been recorded until the “singing” of the whales, which invites us to imagine your mood; in Egypt they used it to treat insomnia and cure pain, Pythagoras to control anger and to develop intelligence; that’s also why you’ve seen hearing instruments in the belly of pregnant women so that the baby “listens” to those vibrations or songs? That calms the mother; anxiety or pain and develops the baby’s intellect.
It is said that music is healing too; because when we listen to it we produce dopamine, which helps us to fight stress and restore damaged tissues; people with brain injuries help improve memory; playing instruments, listening to music at a certain frequency makes both cerebral hemispheres work.

How many times do we see athletes, people doing some physical or intellectual work, while they listen to music in their headphones, connected to their cell phone that contains a chosen repertoire or in turn connected to their wireless speaker, the most modern nowadays, to be able to take it to everywhere and permanently listen to the favorite music.
Music, one of the greatest expressions of all time!