The stress that we do not know how to handle it, leads us to develop diseases and even to have health cadres with serious indicators; that can cause a heart attack or vascular brain. So it is important and advisable to take actions to prevent situations like these.

It is recommended to do some exercise, even a vigorous walk for at least 20 minutes a day; practice any sport; or activities that distract us and relax us, for example something that helps me a lot is to water the plants in the garden, read a book, go to the movies to watch a comedy movie or a romantic one; and above all listening to good music with my headphones, while doing some of these activities, that is, something that distracts us for a good time.

It is important to see a doctor for periodic check-ups; perform clinical exams, to diagnose in a timely manner any situation such as blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and the correct functioning of our organs, such as heart; kidneys lungs; liver; pancreas; among others; and use home control equipment, the most common is the one that controls pressure, glucose, or watches, with which we can measure certain indices daily and prevent any crisis.

Much depends on the attitude you put to each situation, if you are going to see the negative side or the positive side of it; that will depend on how it develops and give a specific solution to that which is affecting your tranquility and daily life.

Remember that the best thing you can do is get up, look in the mirror and smile at the best person in the world you are seeing; Put on the most beautiful thing you can find, your best perfume; because you simply deserve it.