WIRELESS… Autonomy and Mobility to go anywhere and do anything.

Every time we are immersed in modernity, with a series of products invented to achieve greater autonomy of users, avoiding the mandatory presence of cables to transmit the signals from the main device to the secondary or receptacle of the signal, sound or image, that autonomy is known as “wirelees”. The definition of wireless refers to the use of wireless technology which allows the connection of several computers to each other.

The use of this wireless technology allows cables to be forgotten without the need to stop settle a connection, removing the limitations of space and time, giving the impression that an office can be located anywhere in the world. For example, the speakers that previously had to not only be fed with a source of electrical energy, but had to be connected to amplifiers and with cables send the signal so that the sound is issued by the speakers, today is part of the past, now are speakers with batteries included and on the other hand with “bluetooth” you can connect to an intelligent cell phone with said Speakers, becoming portable to part that many are even waterproof. There are many product options: watches, headpones, seurity cameras, etc.

An application of this case could be the relationship established between employees located in a place that is not their work center and a network acquiring the company greater flexibility. The devices are connected to other wireless devices in order to provide dynamic workers with a more effective and less complicated work strategy.

Nowadays the use of these wireless systems in companies, determines that the company increases its productivity and efficiency, in this way the employee is dedicated exclusively to what he knows how to do better, avoiding the disadvantages of technological type, connected via bluetooth to the printer, for example. Like this other products that work with this revolutionary technology.