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14 Jun

Surrounded of Comfortability

The human being search day by day greater comfort and less effort in their environment; hence they have invented many devices to reduce the fatigue produced by some work. Throughout the years, we observed a number of increasingly sophisticated objects for a myriad of activities. We have for example the vehicles to move from one place to another, from skates to dresines; some with the same effort of the person but allows him to reach more distant places; until they invented the engines to reduce their own effort, creating new models, types of vehicles, some of them more sophisticated than others. In the home, we also have the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, blender, and now some remote control appliances, the TV, fans, air conditioners, lights, curtains; no longer have to stand, walk, or move; which also avoids a lot of work and time, above all. In the offices the telephone, avoiding to take the messages to some people somewhere, even in the same building; and now increasingly smaller and more versatile cell phones and computers; that it is used in offices as well as in schools and homes; avoiding writing manually and making corrections easily without having to repeat everything and access the internet to consult on any subject in a few minutes, without having to search for books and read everything. We also have toys and electronic games with their controls that allow us to distract ourselves and even perform exercises practically in the same place; like for example we have "Wii" in which you play box, tennis, etc. Within that comfort, we seek not only to avoid effort or fatigue; rather, that context seeks the adaptability of the object or the work tool or video games, or the shape of the body, the work area and its functionality; physiological, psychological and anatomical aspects are taken into account; what is defined as "Ergonomics". We hear this term more frequently and applied to many things, such as ergonomic seats, both in cars and work chairs or simply in the dining room; pillows; computer keyboards, mouses, telephones, remote controls, hearing aids, cameras, camcorders, etc. Also, in the search for that comfort, we can not fail to mention that many of these items are wireless; obviously there are the remote controls; but for example on the computer, you can use the wireless keyboard placed on your legs while lying on your ergonomic sofa; or use an ergonomic mouse, which will give greater comfort to your hand and prevent fatigue of it, or an inflammation of the tendon of the arm. The videogames controls are also manufactured under these points of view. I suggest you analyze the objects that you have around you that are pigeonholed in ergonomic or wireless; what effort avoids you and what other objects you would like to obtain for your greater comfort.